The Sunken Treasure

  • Sinking Pool Chlorine Dispenser

  • Sinks to the Bottom

  • Cleans Pool Water

  • Then Floats to the Top for Refilling

Chlorine prices are out of control! Get a chlorine dispenser that uses half the chlorine of a floating dispenser!

How Does It Work?

SAVE CHLORINE BY SINKING IT! Pool chlorine tablets dissolve 2 to 3 times slower at the bottom of your pool. The Sunken Treasure houses chlorine tablets and takes them deep under water. There it cleans the water thoroughly and efficiently, at the bottom of the pool. The unit dispenses all the chlorine into your pool water. So, none of the chlorine is wasted into the air as with floating dispensers. When the chlorine tablets are dissolved, the unit tells you it needs refilling by floating to the water surface!

Why Is It Better Than a Floating Dispenser?

With traditional floating chlorine dispensers, much of the chlorine is wasted since it is sitting on the top of the water with much of the chlorine being released as harmful toxic fumes into the air. With the Sunken Treasure, however, ALL of the chlorine is utilized in the pool water since it is fully submerged, releasing chlorine and cleaning the water from the bottom up. This eliminates the need to stuff a floating dispenser with as many chlorine tabs as will fit. The Sunken Treasure uses about HALF the chlorine of a floating chlorine dispenser.

Will it Work for My Pool?

The Sunken Treasure chlorine tab dispenser was designed and engineered to work well in pools and spas all across the country. It also works very well in extreme heat climates with low or high humidity. For best results, follow instructions provided with the unit. Not recommend for dark plaster pools or vinyl lined pools as the chlorine may cause premature bleaching.

How many Sunken Treasure units are enough for my pool?

For a typical play pool or spa (12,000 gallons or less) – 1 Sunken Treasure unit
For larger pools (over 15,000 gallons) -- 2 Sunken Treasure units
For very large pools (over 25,000 gallons) – 3 Sunken Treasure units

BONUS – Dogs Leave it Alone!

Dogs don’t attempt to “retrieve” this chlorine dispenser since it is deep underwater, not floating like a toy on the pool surface!

GUARANTEED. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Made in the USA. Patented.

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